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Lightweight Oars

Oars from John DeLapp Lightweight Spoon Oars

I have used a pair of John DeLapp's lightweight spoon oars for many, many hours of rowing and have found them both durable and a delight to use. People holding these oars for the first time are amazed by their light weight. Each of my 7-foot oars weighs about 2.4 pounds.

Because these are such great oars I asked for, and received, John's permission to post his article describing these oars on the Puget Sound TSCA website. This article is from the Winter 1990 (Volume 12, Number 1) issue of The Ash Breeze. Also, John has informed me that he still has the original drawings for these oars, and that he can be contacted at jedelapp@mac.com. The photos show both close ups of these oars and me rowing with them. Click the images below for enlarged views.

May you enjoy using these oars as much as I have,

Oar plans
You can tell these have been used a lot by the way the leathers are worn.


The blades of my 7' oars are about 21" long and 6" wide.

Download The Ash Breeze article and John DeLapp's spoon oar plans:
Page 1 (PDF 451 KB)
Page 2 (PDF 499 KB)
Page 3 (Plans PDF 138 KB) or
          Plans JPG 850 KB
Page 4 (PDF 497 KB)
Page 5 (PDF 440 KB)
Complete article PDF 2.1 MB)

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