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A message from our President

We have a great and vibrant Chapter in Puget Sound, every year we add members and events, form friendships and enjoy the camaraderie of folks with shared interests. And, there are many great events on the horizon in 2018! Not the least of which is our return to Fort Worden for our annual meeting, scheduled for September 22 on the beach and in the beach shelter.

But, all things come with a cost . . . and the beach shelter now rents for $172.59 per day
And, sad to say we don't have quiet enough in our checking account to pay for this now.

What does this chapter spend its money on?

The major expense is renting kitchen shelters for two of our most appreciated messabouts; the Annual Meeting and the Oyster Messabout.

We also spend some money on printing publicity materials, rack cards, etc.

And at some point we will have to start paying for our website, which is being hosted on my son's server for now, and for our domain name.

Where do we get the money we spend? Many years ago this chapter had dues, and it seems there was a build up of funds, more than the chapter needed after a few years. So, we quit collecting dues. That was ok for a while, because we lived off the capital, but that as we all know, that can't last forever. When I became President we had very little in the bank. So, we started passing the hat at events, and sold some pennants that we had bought from national, and got back on a sounder financial footing. But this kind of fund raising has some real drawbacks, first, it is work for the person passing the hat, me . . . and frankly it takes away from my enjoyment of the event to have to run around asking for money, then there is the uncertainty of how much money we will actually end up with, renting facilities from the state parks means we have to reserve and pay long in advance of the day of use, and someone will have to carry the chapter costs until we get the money to pay them back. Last, and I think more importantly, it means that only the folks who are attending the event, and are paying attention when I run around collecting, are supporting our chapter. This is not a good financial model, and after much discussion with the board we all agree that something should be done.

Given that we need to establish a revenue stream, I am suggesting a voluntary dues 'donation'. Yup, that means exactly what you think it does . . . time to dig down in the jeans and fork something over. If you can't afford it, that's not a problem. But if you can spare a bit I would urge you to do so. I am hoping for a generous response, and if it is generous enough, well, then hopefully we will only have to do this every other year. If there is not enough monetary response your board will know that you members don't enjoy the way we run things, or at least don't enjoy them enough to spend some money on them, and events and activities will reflect that in future. I think a good starting point would be $10 a year, more if you have it, and we will see what happens. As many of you know, TSCA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, but I can't tell you if your contribution would be tax deductible or not, your tax advisor might be able to help.

Now, how to get that money to the chapter Treasurer Simeon Baldwin? Best way would be to send a check, old fashioned, but proven technology . . . the US mail! To help with the bookkeeping, and also to update our records, please print out and send the attached page (see below) along with your donation

Questions? Just ask Claire cacord@whidbeyboatpainter.com

And, thank you!

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