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Howl at the Moon Mini-Cruise Pictures and More ...

Location: Priest Lake, Idaho

Date: 26-30 July 2018

Contact: Dan Rogers

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This is probably going to come as no surprise. We've already scheduled a couple group cruises based on the probability of rain in the Puget Sound region. Earlier, one was styled after a smorgasbord of launching ramps. Another, this coming September. that kicks off with breakfast in a hardware store, and an old-tractor show. Yet another, was a recent effort to reach an obscure general store to purchase ice cream cones. And, now the latest. Observing the rise of the full moon, in July. Each in its own right, a somewhat unique excuse to tow your boat to someplace new, and to go sailing with old friends and new acquaintances.

For four days right smack dab in the middle of July, we are going to sail and beach camp the pristine waters of what's known as the Crown Jewel of Idaho lakes. In addition to all the "usual suspects," we are going to be on a special mission. So synchronize wat "ches, check your gear, and listen-up. Keep a sharp lookout, and follow me!

All hands will report of AJ's Cafe in Beautiful Downtown Priest River, Idaho. 0900, 18 July 2016. Like all special missions involving a bit of adventure, you will follow the leader—and keep tabs on your buddy. Our first objective is to be anchored in THE spot to observe that big ol' summer moon to rise directly behind iconic Chimney Rock high upon the Selkirk Mountain ridgeline. And, I know just the spot!

This is what chimney Rock looks like to eagles, mountain climbers, and such.

And, from that spot—at lake level—I'm referring to.



Other parts of this special mission, that I am able to divulge at this time, involve an attempt to transit the legendary thorofare that connects the main lake with Upper Priest.

Be on the lookout for moose!
And, close up that line. I want no stragglers.

Well, OK. Sure. We can stop and take a hike, take a nap, go fishing, or do ab-so-lut-ley nothing. Just as long as you salute, now and then.

Once inside the channel,

things get quiet

and the forest begins to close in.


The water is so clear you can see every fish, rock and sunken log.

There are excellent beach camping sots on the upper lake—completely away from civilization.

. . .and, no I don't have any pictures of the wind blowing up there. Believe me! It does.

I'm not at liberty to completely release all the details prior to rendezvous. But you will have the time of your life. And, that's an order ---

We'll have you back to the launch ramp in plenty of time on Thursday to make it home. That is, if you ever want to go home after you complete this special mission, to go, and, to howl at the moon!

Sign up with Dan Rogers. "I'd appreciate knowing your email, boat description, cell phone number, and generally what you are interested in doing/accomplishing while we are out on our special mission."

RSVP: by e-mail to Dan at DanAshore@conceptcable.com), with boat description, cell phone number, and any personal wishes for this group cruise.

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