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Hope Island, Deception Pass State Park


Date: June 21-24, 2018

Location: Hope Island, Deception Pass State Park, Island County, WA

Contact: Michael Bogoger
    phone: 360-344-2800

Launch and Parking Info: Launch at Deception Pass State Park ramps, Coronet Bay, sail to Hope Island. $7 launch fee, Discovery Pass and overnight parking pass for State Park required.

Schedule and ActivitiesMichael B. will be sailing from Port Townsend Thursday morning, the 21st (Summer Solstice), arriving at Hope Island mid-morning that day. The messabout is scheduled through Sunday the 24th. Mariners sailing from Port Townsend are invited to sail in company. See you there. Happy Solstice!

Hope Island Peninsula Tides: Daytime tides are moderate over the period of this messabout.

Thu 6/21 12:24 AM 11.04 H
Thu 6/21 12:55 PM 7.12 H
Thu 6/21 6:38 PM 3.07 L
Fri 6/21 1:10 AM 10.84 H
Fri 6/22 8:27 AM   11.60 L
Fri 6/22 2:34 PM 7.51 H
Fri 6/22 7:50 PM 4.34 L
Sat 6/23  1:54 AM 10.61 H
Sat 6/23  9:15 AM 0.56 L
Sat 6/23  3:57 PM 8.26 H
Sat 6/23  9:02 PM 5.28 L
Sun 6/24  2:34 AM 10.35 H
Sun 6/24  9:57 AM -0.27 L
Sun 6/24  5:01 PM 9.05 H
Sun 6/24  10:08 PM 5.92 L

Food & Shelter: Sleeping on board is the first choice. There are primitive campsites on the Island. Mosquitoes can be fierce on shore, but not bad on the water. If going ashore, bring a tent!  All food and water must be brought with you and trash carried away.

Accomodations: None.

Local Knowledge:
There are mooring buoys on the North side of the Island, but if conditions allow we like to anchor on the south side, toward the east end of the island where there is a small coarse sand beach and peninsula.

Hope Island offers five mooring buoys. Moorage fees are charged year round for mooring at docks, floats, and buoys from 1 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Host: Traditional Small Craft Association - Puget Sound Chapter

RSVP: to: Michael Bogoger, mbogoger@gmail.com

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