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Allyn Messabout

Date: Sunday, July 30, 2017

Location: Allyn Waterfront Park (NW shore of Case Inlet, S. Puget Sound)

Launch Ramp and Parking: Nice paved one lane ramp w/ floating dock. $7 launch fee. Alternate free ramp approximately 2 miles S at Grapeview. Good trailer parking at both ramps. Long pier with float at the end.

Contact: Tom Regan via Yahoo TSCA Puget Sound group.

Schedule and Activities: Launch around 2:00PM. Messabout for a few hours, eat, messabout some more.

Tides: Low:   6:28 AM    2.71 ft.
          High: 12:26 PM  10.05 ft.
           Low:   5:57 PM   5.02 ft.

Food and Shelter: BBQ at the park or walk to three restaurants. Large shelter in park. Good restrooms. Playground for the kids.

Local Knowledge: Lazy sailing/rowing paddling. Very little traffic, gentle tides, few nasty rocks, mostly mud/sand bottom. Interesting coves to explore nearby.

Accomodations: None.

Host: None

Sponsor: Traditional Small Craft Association, Puget Sound Chapter

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