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TSCA Puget Sound Chapter Cruise

"It's All Down Hill From Here ..."

This mini-cruise, has been CANCELLED. Contrary to my sunny disposition, and warm-hearted predilections; winter has spoken. I’ll make this dirge simple. Even if our daytime high temperatures shot up to the seventies, for the next week, our local lakes would still be soupy-topped skating rinks.

Just to put the icing on the cake. I had this dim notion that one or more of the local lakes would be a stand-in for the Pend Oreille River. So, I went down to one of them to check things out. I didn’t even need to get out of my truck to know the lay of the land. Snow was still piled up on the launch ramp, above my bumper. And, to really rub salt in the wound; there were dozens of guys out ice fishing.

Little compensation to remember LAST MARCH. I had already been putting boats in and out of the water for three months.

We’re still on for 21-22 April at the Coeur d’Alene resort. Hopefully, it will be fun in the sun. Until then, I guess it’s time to put a bit more wood on the fire.

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Location: Pend Oreille River from Oldtown. ID, to Cusick, WA and back.

Date: Saturday, March 17-20, 2017 Cancelled

Contact: Dan Rigers
      Email: DanAshore@conceptcable.com

Fees: None.

Launch facilities: Rotary Park Boat Ramp, Old Town, Idaho. Photos of the ramp are posted here. Vehicle and trailer parking is available.

Schedule and Activities:

  • Friday, 1200: 1200: Commissioning ceremony(s) for new vessels. Followed by participant boats' launch and overnight mooring.
    First night at dock, dinner at local restaurant.
  • Saturday morning: Underway. Saturday night aboard boats or camped out along river. “No facilities.”
  • Sunday Return upstream, either to point of origin or to spends a second night on the river.

Currents: Currents will vary, depending upon snow melt and specific locations in the river channel.

Food: This is a "rustic" cruise, requiring each vessel/crew needs to be self-sufficient for food and accommodations except for Friday evening dinner at restaurant in Oldtown.

Local Knowledge: The river current is the biggest unknown. The river channel is sand/mud bottom and fairly uniform in depth. If conditions warrant, an alternate venue will be used. Safety, and enjoyability are our primary considerations.

RSVP: Please RSVP to Dan Rogers at DanAshore@conceptcable.com

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Updated: 26 January 2017

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