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Whidbey Island Boat Launch Ramps  

This page is just the beginning. TSCA-Puget Sound members and other small boaters are working to create "one stop" place to find information about local launch facilities from the perspective of those of us who trailer or car-top to our favorite spot to launch. We will be adding pictures, additional areas, and updates as they are submitted.

These Whidbey Island ramps status notes were contributed in January 2016. Many thanks, to all who helped!

We know that ramp conditions can change, sometimes overnight. If your experience that differs from what has been reported. please let us know and we'll update the page. Your fellow boaters will thank you. We welcome your "local knowledge" about launch ramps you have used as we add pages covering other areas around Puget Sound and beyond.

Click on ramp name for description.
Coronet Bay - Deception Pass
Hastie Lake Boat Ramp
Oak Harbor Marina
Coupeville City Ramp
Keystone Spit Boat Ramp
Goss Lake
Lone Lake
Holmes Harbor
Langley Marina
Bush Point
Mutiny Bay
Maxwelton Beach
Possession Beach

Location: 200 Cornet Bay Rd, Oak Harbor, WA 98277, in the bay east of the marina
Managed by: Washington State Parks, Deception Pass State Park
Launch Ramp: 5-lane boat launch at state park with good parking. It has three year round floats and 5 ramps useable at all tides.
Parking: Generous parking in two lots adjacent to the ramps. Parking, including overnight parking requires Discover Pass.
Cost: Discover Pass (for parked vehicle including trailer) plus a daily watercraft launching permit of $7. All may be purchased at the park or online).
Marina Amenities: Fuel dock with both unleaded & diesel; water & shorepower at marina, pump out at Deception Pass State Park. Restrooms are available. Store located at marina sells groceries, bait, tackle, charts, beer and wine. Stove alcohol, kerosene & propane available.
Local Knowledge: The marina has guest moorage with over 1100 feet of space. There are also floating docks, not attached to land, off the park dock that can be used for moorage. Moorage fees are charged year round for mooring at docks, floats, and buoys from 1 p.m. to 8 a.m. No mooring buoys are currently available however there are three - 30 foot floating docks. Daily and annual permits are available. For more information, call 360-902-8844.

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    HASTIE LAKE BOAT RAMP (end of Hastie Lake)
Location:   2434 West Hastie Lake Road, Oak Harbor, WA 98277. Directions.
Launch Ramp:   Not useable at low water. Shallow concrete ramp, often covered with cobbles and driftwood. No float.
Parking:   Limited daylight hours parking. No overnight parking.
Launch Fees:   None.
Local Knowledge:   Ramp is located in private beachfront community; read signs. Great view.

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Location: 1401 SE Catalina Dr, Oak Harbor, WA 98277. Phone:(360) 279-4575
Managed by: City of Oak Harbor
Ramp: Dual ramps with float down the middle, ramps are in good condition with good surface, but shallow since they were originally built for seaplanes rather than boats. Because of this. the ramp is not useful at low water.
Parking: Parking on marina grounds next to Navy base, safe and well lit, and free.
Overnight parking: yes
Launch Fees: Free
Local Knowledge: Due to the shallowness of these ramps fixed keel sailboats cannot generally be launched here. Previously there was a sling hoist. However, that is now closed for repairs, and may not be returned to operation. On the east side of the east ramp there is a fenced off wholesale crab operation. The adjacent marina has restrooms w/showers, pump out and porta-potty.

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  COUPEVILLE CITY RAMP (Captain Coupe Park)
Location: 602 NE Ninth Street, Coupeville, WA
Ramp: Coupeville City Ramp Ramp is concrete, rough with some cracking, but usually clear of driftwood and sand Year round float, the float is high, good fenders are a must to keep the boat's gunnel out from under the dock. Not really usable in less than 3' tides.
Launch Fees: Free to launch and park.
Parking: Free. Safe parking area with picnic tables, barbecues and a public restroom in this park.
Local Knowledge: Special features - The park affords excellent views of Penn Cove and Mount Baker

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  KEYSTONE SPIT BOAT RAMP -- part of Fort Casey State Park
Location:   1398 South Engle Road, Coupeville, WA 98239
Launch Ramp:   Two ramps with floats on either side; steep ramps with good surfaces. Useable at all tides. Year-round float.
Managed by:   Washington State Parks (Fort Casey State Park)
Parking:   Overnight parking $10/day or Discover Pass
Launch Fees:   There is a daily watercraft launch fee of $7. A pay station is available next to the watercraft launch area.
Local Knowledge:   Keystone is in an area of strong tides, and the ramp is adjacent to the Coupeville ferry dock.

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Location: 5235 Lakeside Drive, Freeland, Whidbey Island. Directions: Directions.
Description: 47 acre lake, no outboard or fuel driven motors allowed. Battery operated electric motors are OK. Much smaller lake, gravel ramp, maintained by Island County.
Ramp & parking: Gravel parking, not good for launching sailboats as there are overhanging trees over the extended ramp. So the solution is to raise mast, rig boat at the shoreline. As this is a marginally one vehicle ramp, this approach interferes with normal ramp operations.
Fees: Free to launch and to park.
Managed by: Port of South Whidbey.
Local Knowledge: Many fishermen. During summer months, use of lake is largely for family, children fun activities. The lake is also used for a yearly triathlon and is a training area for swimmers. It is not unusual to find people swimming in the middle of the lake. Not a good sailing lake. Winds at this lake are highly variable. The lake sits in a valley, surrounded by tall trees and is thus protected, but swirling w inds are common. This lake is also used by kayaks for training purposes. Numerous people have pontoon boats and party, picnic and fish from the pontoon boats.

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Location: 5075 Lone Lake Rd., Langley, Whidbey Island. Directions: Lone Lake County Park
Ramp & Parking: Concrete segmented ramp. Good place to rig boat, then back on to ramp. Paved parking lot, parking on grass perimeter is allowed.
Fees: Free to launch and to park.
Managed by: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Local Knowledge: 101 Acre park adjacent to ramp. Motor boats outboards and inboards are allowed at certain times. However, largely fishing activities. Sailors and fisherman coexist really well. Some underwater obstacles close to ramp area, shoreline is variable, i.e. not a consistent slope, some shoreline areas are steeper than others. When sailing, you must be aware of where the bottom is when getting close to shore. Winds are largely variable and will shift often as much 60 degrees and sometimes 180 degrees within a few minutes. More info

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  HOLMES HARBOR and Freeland Park
Location: Freeland Park, 1535 E. Shoreview Avenue, Freeland. Directions
Launch Ramp: The ramp is extremely shallow and launching boats at mid to low tide is problematic as there is not enough depth or angle to get the boat off the trailer. Also, not good for launching sailboats as there are overhanging trees over the extended ramp. The solution is to raise mast, rig boat at the shoreline. As this is a marginally one vehicle ramp, this approach interferes with normal ramp operations.
Parking: Good paved parking for trailers with park adjacent.
Launch fees: Free.
Local Knowledge: Winds here are more consistent and a little stronger than the interior lakes. Summer months, floating dock is installed. More info.

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  SOUTH WHIDBEY HARBOR at LANGLEY (known as Langley Marina)
Location: 228 Wharf St, Langley 98260
Managed by: Port of South Whidbey This website features both a map of the area and a live video stream.
Launch Ramp: A well maintained, albeit sand based ramp, good at all tide levels. Usually a fairly busy ramp, that is used by sport and commercial fisherman as well as sailboats.
Parking: Limited parking for cars and boat trailers. I think there are only 6 trailer spots.
Launch Fees: Free. For other fees see Harbor website.
Local Knowledge Large beach area adjacent to marina. Kayak company uses adjacent beach for launching and staging, this is not a problem for ramp usage. Possible to sail in and out, but usually this is limited to smaller boats. Larger vessels would probably want to use motor as there are many vessels on anchor nearby. Good spot to launch. Floating docks are open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The pier is always open for spectacular views of Saratoga Passage. More info

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Location: East Spyglass Drive, Freeland, WA
Managed by: Port of South Whidbey This website features both a map of the area and a live video stream.
Ramp: Available sunrise to sunset. Good west side launch ramp, concrete. However, numerous cautions -- see Local Knowledge below. Floats were removed for the season on Friday, October 10th and will be launched in the spring.
Parking: Great little park with secure flushing toilets adjacent to ramp. However, parking is about a block away. Overnight parking and camping are prohibited.
Launch Fees: Free.
Local Knowledge: Often times a high cross current, causing difficulty in launching and retrieving boats. Because of the exposure, high winds cause high waves, also causing difficulty at ramp. In addition, swells from passing large ships can cause difficulty. Floating dock is removed in off-season. The boat ramp is unmonitored. The facility is not a port of entry. No notification is required.

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  MUTINY BAY South Whidbey Boat Ramp
Managed by: Island County Parks
Launch Ramp: A sandy launch ramp with buried concrete stabilizers. No improvements, high tide only as ramp is limited.
Parking: Parking for trailers is about a block away from the ramp.
Launch Fees: Free.
Local Knowledge: Porta potti at graveled parking lot. This access has close neighbors, and requires special attention, and "Respect" for private property.

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  MAXWELTON BEACH -- "Dave Mackie" Park
Location: 7490 Maxwelton Road, Clinton. From Highway 525 turn South at light on Maxwelton Road, and travel to Maxwelton Beach Community. The park is on the right.
Launch Ramp: High tide only, park with bathrooms adjacent.
Parking: Paved parking for trailers available adjacent to ramp.
Launch Fees: Free.
Local Knowledge:

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Location: 8212 Possession Road, Clinton, Wa 360-579-2451
Managed by: Port of South Whidbey This website features both a map of the area and a live video stream.
Launch Ramp: Well maintained ramp, with floating dock during summer months. Good launching at all tide levels. Hose is available near launch ramp to hose off salt water.
Parking: Parking is staged about a five minute walk up the hill.
Launch Fees: Free.
Local Knowledge: Nice picnic grounds with grills & tables.

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Updated: January 26, 2016

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