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Location: South end of Mats Mats Bay at the north end of Carey Court, which is accessible from Olympus Blvd or Verner Road, both of which intersect with Oak Bay Road about 8 miles south of Port Hadlock, WA

Managed by: Port of Port Townsend Website Contact info

Ramp: Single ramp, quite narrow, not in particularly good shape, but decent surface (e.g., rarely slick). With more than ordinary care, an F-250 truck and trailer can be backed down ramp. Very shallow launch, and can be used at high tide only.

Fees: $10 per day, $70 per year.

Parking: Parking in adjacent lot. Six spots for single vehicles, and, a maximum of 4 spots for vehicle and trailer parking. No other available parking. Park 48 hours only.Mats Mats ramp

Restroom facilities: Single "port-a-potty" in parking lot on east side of launch.

Boat washdown facilities: None.Provisions for disposing trash: None

Local Knowledge:

Mats Mats Bay is a small kidney-shaped bay with a very narrow entrance from the Puget Sound. The launch is on the south end of the bay. It is a good spot for protected kayaking, since the water is usually a little warmer than the broader Puget Sound. The single table on the small grassy area at launch is a nice spot for a picnic.

Mats Mats ramp
  • Private property surrounds the launch and the Bay.
  • Launch may be used only by one vehicle at a time. It is very quiet, surrounded by homes, and well protected from wind in nearly all weather, particularly winds from the south and east. The launch pier extends the full length of the launch, and goes aground at low tide.
  • There is a commercial shellfish operation on the east side of the bay, and tugs and gravel barges occasionally use the gravel pit on the east northeast side of the bay.
  • The north and northwest side of the bay is extremely shoal and dries out on moderately low tides.
  • Depths elsewhere are 20 feet or so on a very muddy, sticky bottom.

Data last verified: 12 March 2016 by P.Leenhouts

Updated: 10 March 2016

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