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Launch Ramps
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Launch Ramps

Launch Ramps is a place for current local knowledge of regarding the status of local launch ramps. By popular demand, our efforts have begun with a focus on launch ramps associated with our messabouts. Other launch ramps are included as information is shared by our members or others who have first-hand knowledge.

Launch Ramp Descriptions are available for:

  • Whidbey Island features -- 13 launch ramps on Whidbey Island.

  • Drizzle Cruise area Seven ramps from Brownsville - Gig Harbor

  • Port Townsend and Northeast Olympic Peninsula

    If you have a favorite place to launch, or one that boaters should avoid, please send the info to our webmaster at kathy.2750@yahoo.com, or to our fearless leader Claire Acord at whidbeyboatpainter@gmail.com. If you do not have all of the suggested information, partial info is accepted. -- Perhaps someone else will have additions to what you submit.

  • Location:
  • Managed by: Name and contact info of management
  • Description / condition of ramp: Is it usable at all tides? Does it have a float? If so is the float removed in winter? Is it particularly flat or steep?
  • Launch and parking fees: Cost to launch and cost to park
  • Parking: Are there safe parking places to leave rig while you are out? Is overnight parking allowed?
  • Amenties: restrooms? boat wash-down facilities? trash disposal? food nearby? other?
  • Other information: Are there any special features or concerns about the ramp or its immediate area?
  • Photo of launch ramp: When available, we will include photos of ramps as seen from water as well as from the shore side. If you supply a photo, please include date and approximate tide level.

Together we can build a "one-stop" spot for small craft boaters in Puget Sound and beyond.

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