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TSCA Members' Forums

San Francisco 2007

The first TSCA e-mail discussion forum was established and has been running continuously since April, 1999. Several more forums have been established as demand increased. They are all currently hosted by Yahoo.

The individual chapter forums, Puget Sound Chapter (TSCA-Puget), Delaware River Chapter (TSCA-DelRiver), Oregon Coots Chapter (MessaboutW), and Pine Lake (pine-lake-tsca), are for official news and announcements of the individual chapters, as well as unofficial, informational chat and message exchange related to chapter activities. Chapter members are encouraged to join their own chapter's forum, and are invited to join other chapters' forums and participate in any discussions of interest.

The TSCA National Council (TSCA-TraditionalSmallCraftAssn) forum on Yahoo Groups is a forum for official news & announcements at the National and Chapter levels, as well as unofficial, informational chat and message exchange. All TSCA members are encouraged to participate. E-mail and web browser access are the only requirements.

The TSCA National Council (TSCA-Council) also uses a dedicated forum in which Council members carry out the day-to-day business of the Association. National and chapter officers and committee members are encouraged to join, monitor the Council, and give input to the Council on issues of interest. Other TSCA members are invited to join in as well. All subscriptions to the TSCA-Council forum must be approved by a Council member or National Officer.

The TSCA e-mail forums are hosted by Yahoo Groups. Click the appropriate link(s) above to visit the forum(s) of your choice to subscribe.

If you decide you don't want the volume of e-mail generated by the forum, just go to your "My Groups" page at http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups, click on the appropriate group title, and click the "Leave Group" link.

What is an e-mail forum, discussion group, or "list server"?

An e-mail forum (or discussion group or list server) is a public, by-subscription-only, automated, e-mail relay and distribution process for a special-interest group. Some of you may already use one or more; they were once commonly referred to as "list servers" or "majordomos", after 2 of the early host software packages. We are using a "free" (see below), commercial list service called "Yahoo Groups".

Any subscriber can send a single e-mail message to a single addressee (e.g., to TSCA-Puget@yahoogroups.com) on any topic relevant to the group, and the message will be relayed via e-mail to all subscribers to the list, and retained on the web in an archive. If the subscriber puts the subject as "March messabout", for example, the forum service will relay it as "[TSCA-Puget] March messabout". All text and signatures will remain intact. Attachments such as pictures and PDF files are allowed, but they will only be transmitted to those who have the messages delivered directly to their e-mail address. Attachments are NOT retained on the server, but a separate file and picture archive is available for uploading.

The "price" we pay for the commercial forum service is that Yahoo Groups appends a text and/or graphic ad to the bottom of each message. However, if you don't scroll down that far, you don't even see it!

"Public" means that anyone who becomes aware of the list can subscribe; and every subscriber to the list sees all messages posted to the list. However, one of the moderators/managers of the list can remove an undesirable person from the list at any time.

"By-subscription-only" means that a person has to explicitly "subscribe" to the list to see it at all; however, [s]he can "unsubscribe" at will at any time. Either event can be accomplished via the Web (see Subscription and "Unsubscribe" information above). Anyone can choose to participate to the extent they [don't] want, and can unsubscribe and re-subscribe as often as desired. In between those extremes, a "digest" version of the message list is available so you can browse the current discussion topics. You can switch between the full list and the digest at any time, via the web.

"Automated" means that the list manager/moderator does not have to do any manual maintenance, and the subscribers do not have to keep track of a personal address book for the list. The software on the Yahoo Groups host computer does all routine duties. It also archives messages and allows a place for posting files that might otherwise be sent as file attachments, that any list subscriber can retrieve at will. The list manager can control the degree of access and security (e.g., new members are Moderated until they post their first message; and user profiles for the TSCA forums are NOT available to the public).

"Email" means that normally, messages/postings come via e-mail. If you can receive e-mail, you can subscribe, regardless of your Internet Service Provider or computer type. All filters and restrictions you may have on your e-mail via your account or your software at home remain in full force. The number and length of messages depend strictly on the number of messages the participants write. Almost as soon as you send your message, it is available to all subscribers. A web-based message retrieval archive is also available, but attachments are NOT available via the web (they are deleted automatically after the e-mail messages are sent).

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