(Pygmycohogenesis <nautibiological>: The study of the gestation and birth process of a species
indigenous to the Puget Sound area which is known to form symbiotic relationships with weird humans.
Though most Pygmy Cohos are believed to be female, they bond, apparently at random, with either
male or female humans.)

I started my first boatbuilding project -- a Pygmy Coho 17.5 kayak kit -- in November 1999, and launched her in May 2000. As you may notice by the theme, I almost consider her my "new baby." I don't know how many people devote a substantial section of their web site to their "baby pictures," but this is my playground! I hope you enjoy them.

-- John Weiss

Still a Hazy Dream

Still a hazy dream... Even after a dozen
splices, nothing seems to take form yet.

First Union

Successful Union! Finally,
a worthy tie, and the keel is laid.

A Hull Lot Better

First Glass!

(Left) A Hull lot better. After some nurturing, the hull takes form.

(Above) First Glass! Taking a shine to her.

Everything's Decky!

Everything's Decky! Still growing in the womb, she begins to look more like a real kayak.


Ultra-sound construction details
reveal her burgeoning strength.


Pre-eclampsia. A trying time for all...


Good Outcome

... but a good outcome!

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